About the Chantraine School of Dance

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The Chantraine Dance of Expression and School of Dance are the creation of two gifted pioneers in the world of dance – Alain and Françoise Chantraine. From the foundation of their School of Dance in France in 1958, the Chantraine vision has been to broaden and deepen the scope of dance so that it can become an unlimited expressive art for the whole person, integrated with life.

The School in England was created in 1978, and has been nurtured ever since, by Patricia Woodall. Patricia first met Françoise Chantraine in 1976, when, as a dance teacher, she was taking further training at a dance faculty in Paris. Greatly inspired by the work of Françoise and Alain, she decided to bring the source of that inspiration to England.

Sarah Cole began dancing in Patricia’s classes in 1983. Since her move from London to Buckinghamshire, Sarah has opened a centre in Amersham. The Chantraine School of Dance has four centres in England: North West and Central London, Wanstead, High Wycombe and Amersham.

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Françoise Chantraine –  Photo by Richard Oivier



Sarah discovered the Chantraine Dance of Expression at the age of four in North West London and has been attending classes ever since.  She began her teacher-training more than ten years ago as a teaching assistant for the director of the school in England, Patricia Woodall. In 2007 Sarah began independently teaching children’s classes.

Sarah put teaching on hold before having her first child and subsequently moving out of London.  Having had the opportunity to see her oldest daughter perform one of Françoise Chantraine’s choreographies, she appreciated for the first time the joy a parent or carer can receive from seeing their child dance. Sarah’s hope is to bring this same joy to budding young dancers, and their families, in Amersham.

She is DRB checked and continues to develop her own dance training with mentors and teachers, Patricia Woodall, Kate Green and Jane Greenstreet. Sarah is also a member of the Chantraine choreographic ensemble.

The school is looking for people who might like to train to teach the Chantraine approach to dance. If you are interested please contact Patricia Woodall on 0207 435 4247 or at patricia.woodall194@gmail.com.


For more information about the Chantraine School of Dance and the classes, please contact Sarah Cole below or on +44 (0) 7967981638